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SOLD Antzenberger Honyaki (full polish) 245mm

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Jan 12, 2021
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Hong Kong
Hi Everyone,

I am selling an Antzenberger Honyaki Workhorse.

The knife was used for a few test cuts when I received it half a year ago (one onion and some bellpeppers) and has been in my drawer since then.

The blade shows very strong Hamon and steel grain. It is in Blue 2 steel.

The specs are:

245 x 59mm

The handle is ebony with a bright eye from the wood grain on one side. The balance of the knife is rather blade-heavy, which is quite nice given the weight of the knife.

The price is 800 USD (shipped).

Pics can be found under the following link:

Some pics show the minor patina that the test cuts caused. There are some pics with oil on the knife -- those are not scratches. The blade is in flawless condition as I received it.

Don't hesitate if you have any more questions!

Best regards,