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    How to maintain Kiwi knives?

    Kiwi brand knives from Thailand - I am going to give a set to some friends who use crap dull knives. Question is, how do you maintain these things? The friends in question are not going to be learning how to use a whetstone anytime soon. My thinking is give them a leather strop for daily...
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    Which steel/characteristics for cutting meat on a hard plate?

    Let's say I'm going to regularly cut steak on a ceramic or glass plate. What edge characteristics would I look for to mitigate the damage and stay reasonably sharp? (Note: I sharpen with diamond.) My guess: the blade should have belly so it won't become convex when sharpened on the dull part...
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    SOLD Tsukiji Masamoto VG10 270mm Sujihiki

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    types of japanese steel in laymans terms?

    so everytime i search for "differences between japanese steels" its just an article that talks about how each steel has a different amount of tungsten than the other, or another chemical difference. It does not say "this steel is hardest to sharpen" or "this steel can hold its edge the longest"...
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    What grit ceramic rod to get? If any?

    So, newbie to j-knives here. I read that you want to get a ceramic rod with them instead of a steel steel. Question is, what grit do you get? I normally see them at 1000,1500,2000. I was looking at the CKTG Black Ceramic Sharpening Rod 270mm from CKTG with stellar reviews that is a 2k grit...