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  1. J

    Withdrawn BNIB Kama Asa Tanaka x Myojin 240mm

    Hi everyone - looking for a BNIB B1 Tanaka x Myojin gyuto from Kama Asa with kasumi finish, in particular if it had a laser profile (<2.5mm spine at heel, ~150g for 240mm version). If you have one lamenting in your drawer and would like to sell it, please get in touch! JP
  2. F

    SOLD 240 gyuto tanaka kyuzo KU extra height & nakagawa myojin

    Bought both these recently and only did a few test cuts and oiled them back up! Good as new! Tetogi TxK Total Length: 392mm EDGE LENGTH: 232MM Handle two tip length: 244mm Blade Height: 58mm Thickness: 3.2mm Handle Length: 146mm Weight: 212g 550€ inkl shipping in EU The nakagawa myojin is...
  3. J

    Withdrawn Tanaka x Yohei

    Hello all! Looking for a BNIB Tanaka x Yohei 210mm or 240mm gyuto in Blue 1. Not too fussed about the handle, but am looking for kasumi finish. Looking for the lightest, laser-iest example I can find. Would also consider Takada 210mm and 240mm in kasumi, Suiboku (or HH at the right price). If...
  4. J

    Bought Y. Tanaka B1

    Hello knife enthusiast community! I am hoping to acquire a thinly ground (and light <180g) Y. Tanaka B1 240mm+ gyuto, with a slight preference for iron clad over stainless. I am opening up to different grinds, heights and styles (usually prefer flat and convex but am open to an especially thin...
  5. C

    SOLD Tanaka yohei blue1 - 240mm

    Hello. Since i never use this im putting it up for sale. Hitohira tanaka yohei 240mm blue 1 kasumi. 50 mm heelheight and 189 grams Its VERY lightly used and never been sharpened. I bought it from new and only used it a couple of times. NOTICE! Its has a very small stain close to the tip...
  6. C

    SOLD Tanaka Kambei blue 1 damascus

    Hello. Putting this up for sale. A rare limited piece from Hitohira Tanaka Kambei. 240 mm damascus blue 1, mirror polish. Kiritsuke gyuto Its BNIB and comes with wooden box and saya. Its located in Denmark EU. Price: 870 euros Thanks for watching.
  7. D

    SOLD [dropped to 420 USD] Sakai Kikumori Choyo Blue 1 gyuto 240mm

    Hi KKF, I am selling a BNIB Sakai Kikumori Choyo in Tanaka Blue 1. The knife has still its lacquer on it (see pics below). Specs: 225 x 50 mm (225 mm on the slightly forward heel -- measured from the spine where the heel starts to tip is 232mm) 168 g Blue 1 steel (Tanaka forged) Morihiro...
  8. Censere

    SOLD BNIB JNS Tanaka Damascus 240 Gyuto Special Polish, Worldwide Shipping

    For sale is a JNS Special Polish Tanaka gyuto. Details: Only pulled out of the box to check out. Never used. Handle Length- 145mm Hell to Tip Length- 230mm Blade Height at Heel- 50mm Width of Spine at Handle- 3,4mm Width of Spine Above Heel- 2mm Width of Spine at Middle- 1,5mm Width of Spine...
  9. rasmusmadsen

    WTB Tanaka Kyuzo Gyuto

    Hello, I am looking for a Tanaka Kyuzo Gyuto - doesn’t matter if 210mm or 240mm. Preferably to be a seller in Europe.
  10. D

    SOLD Migoto Blue 1 270 gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am selling my BNIB Migoto gyuto, as I got more than one. The knife specs are: 255 x 51 mm Blue 1 (Tanaka forged), iron clad 267g goes from 3.3mm to 1mm before the tip. Rosewood handle I paid 500 USD + shipping for the knife and would like 450 USD back for it. I also pay for...
  11. J

    Y. Tanaka

    Gday people. I live in Australia and have been looking at some Y Tanaka knives. Chefs-edge has HADO shirogami 2, and Sakai Kikumori Tanaka x kyuzo aogami 1 knives. The Hado are a wide bevel with great geometry. Both are similar prices. What would be the pros and cons to each? I am really tossing...
  12. OwlWoodworks

    Bought Kaiju - $1,800

    Well the time has come that I make my offer. I am willing to pay $2,000 for an unused or lightly used B1 Kaiju. I am of course interested in Kaiju’s in other steels, but my offer will be less depending on steel and condition. I am aware of what these knives sell for, and I am aware this is an...
  13. K

    WTB MM,FM,FT fujiyama Konosuke

    Putting feelers out for a Vintage swedish carbon, MM, FT or FM. Mainly looking for 210mm up to 270mm gyuto but also interested in sujihikis or pettys if the price is right Cheers
  14. tylerleach

    SOLD BNIB TANAKA DAMASCUS 240 B#1- Priced to sell!!

    Hello everyone, Really really sad to see this one go… I am looking to sell my absolutely gorgeous Tanaka Kyuzo Damascus B#1 240 with Spalted Maple handle and blonde buffalo horn ferrule. Soft iron Damascus cladding. Everything about this knife is spectacular… the fit and finish is top flight...
  15. D

    SOLD Tanaka Kyuzo Blue 1 Migaki 240 (updated price)

    Hi everyone, I am unluckily in a situation where I need to sell a couple of my knives. I’m selling a Hitohira Tanaka Kyuzo Migaki 240 with Taihei Ebony handle (see pics below). This one particularly hurts as it is a wonderful blade I’ve wanted for a while. The finishing on this knife is...
  16. D

    WTS Tanaka Ironwood 210 gyuto BNIB — 600 USD

    Hi everyone, I am unluckily in a situation where I need to sell a couple of my knives. I am selling a Tanaka Ironwood western handle gyuto 210mm brand new in box (see pics below). Measurements: 205 x 49mm, 193g I would like to ask for 600 USD (updated) I ship worldwide — I would pay for...