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  1. Martyfish

    Martyfish's Knife Makeovers (Thinning, Refinishing and Handle Making)

    I wanted to create a new thread just to make it a bit clearer that I am posting knife related content instead of operating a dodgy beauty salon 😅 The previous thread, named 'Martyfish's Makeovers', which this is a continuation of, can be found here if anyone is interested...
  2. Martyfish

    Martyfish's Makeovers

    One of my hobbies is knife modifications and I wanted to create this thread as a centralised location where I can post all of my knife related content. A bit about me - I enjoy cooking and got tired of supermarket knives a few years ago, which lead to me purchasing my first high end knife, and...
  3. P

    Fast thinning behind the edge with a rotary tool/dremel

    I want to share a technique for thinning behind the edge (knocking down the shoulders or making the edge bevel more acute) that I discovered when making a knife from M35, which is so difficult to work that no reasonable knife maker would use it. I'd say this technique needs some alpha/beta...
  4. C

    Saji rainbow 210 gyuto thinning

    Long time lurker "first time" poster. Let me know if I messed anything up or any constructive feedback. Didnt see any colored/rainbow damascus thinning threads.... well anywhere and had a fat Saji 210 gyuto that probably wouldnt see much use as is. I would guess most people who buy these flashy...
  5. D

    Thinning kurouchi edge knives

    I really like the look of kurouchi finish along the edge, I'm thinking of Tetsujin Tanryusen's in particular (probably my favourite looking, and by all accounts, great knifes). I'm just concerned that the first time I need to thin the knife it's going to remove all the kurouchi finish and spoil...
  6. C

    To sell or to thin?

    So I recently spent 400£ (450$) on a beautiful custom nigara hamono knife. Problem is, it just doesnt really compare to my kei kobayashi in terms of cutting performance, which is...