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Sep 14, 2022
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London, UK
So I recently spent 400£ (450$) on a beautiful custom nigara hamono knife.
Problem is, it just doesnt really compare to my kei kobayashi in terms of cutting performance, which is understandable because the kobayashi is a very lasery laser. So even though I love the aesthetics, weight and profile, the only place for it would be my workhorse when im cutting tougher vegetables etc, but I already have a much cheaper Shiro Kamo for that.

My question is, should I sell the knife on the forums and lose some money or do you think getting it proffessionally thinned might improve my experience enough for me to want to keep it. How much of a difference can thinning make to a new knife?
Seems like it’s slightly hollow ground so thinning it out would be pretty hard and would probably mess up the finish if you don’t plan to straighten the grind out which seems like a lot of effort
Depends on the current geometry of the knife. If it's genuinely thick behind the edge then it might be worth to thin. If it's thin enough at the edge and just is a thicker knife overall with a wider spine, thicker geometry at shinogi, etc. then may be better to let the knife go.
Assuming the grind is 20mm high, would give a grind angle of about 3 degrees, so should be plenty thin enough behind the edge unless it’s got a honking great sharpening bevel on it which doesn’t show up in the pics.

Thinning won’t do that much in that case, unless the finish is masking some really uneven grinds but I’d doubt it would be that impactful ( I’ve had old sfgz carters that cut a lot better after I evened out the bevels on stones, but they weren’t poor performers before the work.

2mm at the spine is also a fair way from workhorse.

Seems like the knife isn’t gelling- if you have a laser and workhorse you liked already what were you looking for - more laseriness?