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  1. J

    Withdrawn Western Gyutos - Cygnus, Hopwood, Maillet, Dam

    Hello all - a few long shot requests. I am taking a sojourn into the West (insofar as cutlery artisans is concerned, at least) and exploring some different grinds. I am not expecting this to necessarily bear fruit, but if you do not ask... I am looking for each of the following: Cygnus - I...
  2. knifeq2121

    WTB Western Stainless Deba

    looking for western handled stainless deba, either single or double bevel is fine. 165-210mm preferred. maybe someone has something lying around? thanks kkf
  3. J

    WTB Eddworks

    Hello! I have terrible regrets about not getting an Eddworks gyuto as a few have been available recently! Live and learn. I am on the customs list but wouldn’t mind getting one ahead of my number being drawn and getting a custom (perhaps sujihiki) as well. If anyone has one that’s >220mm long...
  4. J

    Western maker petty

    Are there any western smiths, who you would recommend, who could / would make a wa handle petty knife for a modest (sub-350aud) price (happy to supply own handle if necessary to bring down the price)? Not looking for anything too flashy - just full carbon (open to steels) and even grind with...
  5. D

    SOLD Birgersson Western Handle 250mm Gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am selling my western handle Birgersson -- purchased around January from his webpage drop. The knife is in new condition -- used upon arrival for 1 carrot to test cut. Does not show patina, and was not stropped / touched up. The measures are 249 x 59 208g I paid 550 to my door, I...
  6. Marc1370


    I've got my old monolith studios chef knife available. It's served me well over the years, but I'd like to start rotating my collection. Details (also in photo of card) O1 steel Stabilized/dyed maple handle 8.5" blade length 13"OAL Copper pins and bolster ~45mm Heel height ~228g weight Asking...
  7. K

    Suisin HC vs Sakai Kikumori Nihonko Carbon Gyuto

    Good day I am looking for a new Western Handle Gyuto in 240mm. I already have a Takamura R2 210mm . I can’t really find many knives with the J shape western handles that I like, without it being extremely expensive. My budget max is $250. I have been eyeing out these two contenders, the...
  8. D

    Withdrawn Two Jiro 240 Yo (old and new profiles) — updated

    Hi KKF community, For sale are two 240 Yo handle. More details are gives below. I would like to get back what I paid for as the knives are new. The prices include the first 20 USD shipping costs. 1. BNIB Jiro. I purchased this knife from Tosho a few months ago and never used it. Specs...
  9. 1

    Recommend me a Nakiri knife

    Looking for a nakiri. I'm not sure what steel i want but I am open to hearing your suggestions for what steel is good for nakiris for chopping veggies and fruits. The only thing I do know is that i strongly prefer western/yo style handles with wood. Im going to link some nakiris here that ive...
  10. 1

    What is your favorite Yo/Western style handled knife?

  11. D

    WTS Tanaka Ironwood 210 gyuto BNIB — 600 USD

    Hi everyone, I am unluckily in a situation where I need to sell a couple of my knives. I am selling a Tanaka Ironwood western handle gyuto 210mm brand new in box (see pics below). Measurements: 205 x 49mm, 193g I would like to ask for 600 USD (updated) I ship worldwide — I would pay for...
  12. D

    SOLD Kato SG2 black Damascus Western Ironwood 240 — 320USD

    Hi everyone, I am unluckily in a situation where I need to sell a couple of my knives. The third one to come up is a Kato SG2 Damascus 240 with ironwood handle (see pics below). I bought this knife here on KKF privately and used it only one single time. As far as I know the knife was...