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  1. auros105

    SOLD Suiboku Ginsan 240

    I got this Suiboku Ginsan used, it was used in a professional setting so the Suiboku was already scratched to oblivion so I had it sent back to Takada to be thinned and refinished. I'm letting this one go because I find myself not wanting to use it for fear of scratches and stuff so I wanna use...
  2. ahhactive

    WTS Tetsujin kasumi metal flow (almost)

    Hello did a pimped up on my kasumi tetsujin used gently but did an overhaul on the looks. handle is a full mono ebony made by the great Ki Craftsman in Indonesia.$400 conus Edge length: 233mm Height at heel:50mm Spine out of handle: 2.8mm Weight:184g The middle one
  3. knifeq2121

    WTS *price drop*BNIB Anryu (Ikeda) B2 Nakiri

    Hi all, Today I’ve got an Anryu Blue #2 160mm Nakiri (made by Ikeda san) for sale. Picked this one up with a nice custom handle from Dustin @RSK. Condition is BNIB, never used. Looks to perform great based on the choil and is nice and tall. Specific measurements below. 154g 160mm edge length...
  4. SimenTh

    SOLD BIG PRICE DROP - Adonis Forged Arts integral sujihiki Apex Ultra 309*39

    Hi KKF! Parting with an amazing piece at a fantastic price. Backstory: Antoine of Adonis Forged Arts was feeling very charitable one morning, offering a commisioned sujihiki that had a minor cosmetic flaw (now not visible after grinding/etching). After signing up to wanting to buy at more than...
  5. Marc1370


    I've got my old monolith studios chef knife available. It's served me well over the years, but I'd like to start rotating my collection. Details (also in photo of card) O1 steel Stabilized/dyed maple handle 8.5" blade length 13"OAL Copper pins and bolster ~45mm Heel height ~228g weight Asking...
  6. Alpine.knifeworks

    WTS *PRICE DROP* Leszek Sikon / Sakai Kikumori / Epsilon Forge / Yoshida Hamono / Tsunehisa

    Hey fellow knife nerds. I've got a selection here for you! All knives have handles made by myself, other than the Leszek. Specs are in photo links. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Some of these have more professional photos on my instagram if interested. Yoshida 135mm ZDP189...
  7. U

    WTS - EU JNS Tanaka Blue1 270mm Dama Gyuto + Fingerstone FINAL PRICE 650€! (/WTT for 210Yo Denka)

    Hi there, This will be my first WTS after two WTBs. What am i offering: Tanaka Yohikazu Gyuto 270mm Blue 1 Dama Specs: 257x49 @ 187g JNS link to 270mm Gyuto A Ohiro Uchigumori HS46 Fingerstones from Watanabe to go along with further repolishing Reasons I am selling: After buying the Jiro...
  8. PostLimón

    SOLD WTS Majime Limited Edition Ko-gyuto - First Run

    Bought the majime limited edition ko-gyuto from the first run. Used it a few times, has excellent food release due to the unique feather grind. Has seen some home use, but ultimately doesnt get much use in my current lineup. It is AEB-L Stainless with a G10 Wa Handle and Copper Bolster. link for...
  9. A

    SOLD Fredrik Spåre Honyaki Gyuto 220mm 26c3 @ 66HRC

    Hi all, Like new Fredrik Spåre for sale. Used to cut one onion (never sharpened, never stropped etc), but unfortunately need the cash elsewhere now. Gyuto is 220mm honyaki, 26c3 @ 66 HRC, bog oak handle w/ mammoth bolster. Price is 450 EUR shipped EU with F&F/Revolut/Bank Transfer (+3% if...
  10. D

    WTS WITHDRAWN. UK, Nigara ktip Gyoto in R2, BNIB

    Sale withdrawn, knife no longer available. Thanks folks. Selling this beautiful Nigara ktip Gyoto. Stainless clad with R2 core and rosewood handle. Very thin knife that will perform like a laser. This is BNIB, I have not cooked with it, just cut some paper to test OOTB sharpness. £285 new...
  11. A

    WTS Brand New Takeshi Saji 210mm Rainbow Gyuto Aogami with Custom Handle

    Hello all, I am looking to sell my brand new Takeshi Saji 210mm Rainbow Gyuto in Aogami with custom handle. Can provide more pictures if needed. This was an impulse purchase, and I realise I want to try out Swedish knives to diversify my collection, hence me wanting to sell. The knife is...