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WTS Brand New Takeshi Saji 210mm Rainbow Gyuto Aogami with Custom Handle

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May 21, 2021
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Hello all,

I am looking to sell my brand new Takeshi Saji 210mm Rainbow Gyuto in Aogami with custom handle.

Can provide more pictures if needed.

This was an impulse purchase, and I realise I want to try out Swedish knives to diversify my collection, hence me wanting to sell.

The knife is brand new, have literally not made a single cut with it.

I am asking for 450 425 400 375 EUR (incl. shipping and fees) and can ship the knife from Germany or Switzerland. If the buyer is based outside of EU, I will ask they share 50% of the costs with me.

I do not have any references as a seller, but I have bought stones and knife on here.

Thank you for looking!
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