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  1. OwlWoodworks

    Kaiju and TF Steel

    G'day hivemind, After using many a knife, I have discovered that the only two knives I have never sharpened and at this point seem like they'll never need sharpening are my Konosuke Fujiyama Kaiju and my Teruyasu Fujiwara Denka. Now my understanding is that my Kaiju is Blue 1 and my Denka is...
  2. C

    SOLD BNIB JNS Tanaka Damascus 240 Gyuto Special Polish, Worldwide Shipping

    For sale is a JNS Special Polish Tanaka gyuto. Details: Only pulled out of the box to check out. Never used. Handle Length- 145mm Hell to Tip Length- 230mm Blade Height at Heel- 50mm Width of Spine at Handle- 3,4mm Width of Spine Above Heel- 2mm Width of Spine at Middle- 1,5mm Width of Spine...
  3. C

    WTB Hitohira Tanaka 240 Gyutos - Yohei Kasumi & Kyuzo Stainless Clad

    Dear community, looking for two Hitohira Tanaka 240 Gyutos, 1. Yohei Kasumi 2. Kyuzo SS Clad (the taller the merrier) Preferably unsharpened and with blond-horn Taihei handles If you there's one you consider letting go with, please kindly reply or PM Thank you!
  4. Chefc

    WTB Looking for a hitohira tanaka or konosuke Fujiyama knife

    The newest the better ! I love tanakas stuff so anyone who has anything I may be interested in please let me see! Gyuto/ sujihiki or anything really Thanks
  5. ahhactive

    WTS Different iterations of Blue#1 Yoshikazu Tanaka for sale

    Wife made an ultimatum, either the knife collection get out or the wife gets out. Wanted the wife to get out, but we had a big scuffle. Thus these 7 blades are up for sale, from left to right: Item Heel height(mm) Spine thickness(mm) Price(Aud$) Condition 1.Kagekiyo blue #1 etched 240...
  6. myguidingmoonlight

    WTS Toyama Damascus 240 gyuto, Tsubaya Y. Tanaka B#1 270 gyuto, Konosuke HD2 240 gyuto

    Selling these 3 wonderful knives to make some room in my collection for knives on the way. Toyama Damascus 240 Gyuto Specs: 241 mm x 55 mm Weight: 243 g True workhorse that is hefty yet cuts well, beautiful damascus in Toyama's famous blue #2. I gave it a gray kasumi finish which has some...
  7. J

    Y. Tanaka

    Gday people. I live in Australia and have been looking at some Y Tanaka knives. Chefs-edge has HADO shirogami 2, and Sakai Kikumori Tanaka x kyuzo aogami 1 knives. The Hado are a wide bevel with great geometry. Both are similar prices. What would be the pros and cons to each? I am really tossing...