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WTB 255-270 midweight gyuto / Ashi cleaver (WTT Tsourkan 220 WH)

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Mar 5, 2017
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Sao Paulo / Orlando
Looking for midweight gyutos in the 255-270 range. I'm thinking Itinomonn, Wakui, Kochi, Heiji, Takada no Hamono, Konosuke… also interested in western makers, specially the Swedes and French guys :). But pretty open here.

Also looking for Ashi Ginga #6 cleaver.

Will offer for trade (or partial):

Marko Tsourkan 220 WH
Kaeru Wakui 240 WH (1st gen, 240g)
Kaeru Wakui 210 WH
Toyama 300 yanagi (sharpened a few times)
Toyama 135 mukimono
Toyama SS-clad 150 petty

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Thanks! I couldn’t find any 270 Tanaka in stock at Miura, do you remember which model was it? (probably my fault but I always get lost in their website…)
Oh I was talking about the cleaver is likely Tanaka, Miura do have Kagekiyo, Hado and their own Itadaki series tho.