264 layer ladder pattern in the works

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Mar 1, 2011
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These are early pictures, handle to come, but thought I would put these out there...

264 layer, tight, ladder pattern comprised of 1084 and 15N20.

pictures of the etching process, lost the forging pics when my 'puter cratered...

Blade getting final hand sanding

My newly finished etchant tank, double walled PVC, if inner chamber fails for whatever reason (however unlikely), the fluid will remain contained by the secondary cylinder

Light sanding after first etch

After second etch

Final etch and light polish

I will have a little video in a few min's of the blade...

Thanks for looking!
wow, looks great. i like the tight ladder patterns much better than the wider spaced ones.
Here is a little video, if I can make it work!

sorry for the poor light
Now that is a seriously beautiful knife. Looks like your getting pretty good at this knife making thing!
I wish I were the lucky recipient of that knife!
That is absolutely wonderful! Excellent work as usual.


Is that your standard gyuto profile? Whatever it is it looks like it will be fantastic.

Is that your standard gyuto profile? Whatever it is it looks like it will be fantastic.

+1 on the gyuto profile. Intuitively it looks just right. Perfect balance between flat area, belly and rise towards the tip.

This profile is one that I found works well, enough flat for board contact, and the belly/rise lends itself to finer work. Glad you like the profile guys, I appreciate the coments.

Oivind, yours is similar, but in damasteel.
I also really like the profile :)
Could we have some spine shots and measurements?

This looks like the profile I ordered?
Again, your is similar, not as high, but again, without a side by side, the differences would not be noticed as well.
Sick Pierre, I can not wait for mine to come in!!!!
Pierre is that amboynia burl?

Awesome pics of the materials! DAMN MAN! Im impressed :)

Kalaeb: Gonna take some pics when I get the knives :)
Its awesome!

Im really impressed!!
Damn this knife will be out of the world. Ill take it ;)
Looks lust like emerald, only a lot cooler. Some kind of reptile rock. It's just plain awesome.

Pierre!!! You have my two favorite materials going on here.That sure is a nice chunk of tooth,did you get it from Charlie?