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270 Yoshikane Tamamoku V2 gyuto

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Cadillac J

Founding Member
Mar 1, 2011
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I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again: this knife has the best geometry that I've ever seen. The finish is amazing and the overall look is beautiful--so much so, that I have only used it to cut one thing to test it out...it is an amazing cutter. This is really brand new with zero patina development, and looks the same as in the A-frame photos in the link. All I've done is polish the edge on my 5K stone and it is really all it needs.

As much as I don't want to, I have to pass this along--only selling because I just haven't been using it, and I don't like to hold onto knives as just showpieces. This is a more substantial knife and doesn't have the flex as my lasers, which is what most people prefer. I know this will become someones baby, and they will appreciate it more than me.

Knife + saya is $400 brand new from A-Frames, and because mine is in new condition, I will be selling for $385 out the door (includes insured shipping in CON US and paypal fees)






handle size compared to Konosuke 270 suji

You are an evil, evil man. That is awesome. I hope someone snags this soon. Not sure how much longer I can resist.
Dammit! Was hoping I'd see this in the BST in a few months or something. I'd be all over this if you were selling it in a little while but I am flat broke at the minute. Hope whoever gets it enjoys it.
The website says the spine above heel is 5mm. Do you have any more dimensions on this knife?

Chuck, I don't have calipers, but the spine looks to be 5-6 mm thick, but it tapers down to 1 mm to the tip...you can estimate the spine width from the choil shot, and also see how great the grind is down to the edge.

It is thinner than any other knife I've had behind the edge, including both my Takedas and all my lasers. I've just realized that I prefer super thin knives overall, while this is right up the alley for the majority of people.

And just to throw it out there, I am not really going to budge on price as this is brand new and these knives are never in stock, not to mention I don't need to sell it. I'm usually very liberal on pricing for my used knives, but not going to do that with this one as it is the same as the day I opened it.

If someone is looking for a knife with these characteristics (Yosh/Shig/etc) at the 270 size, then I can pretty much guarantee they will love this thing.
I'd also be up for trading for a 300 yanagi, depending on what kind and the shape it is in.
Why do you tease me like this? Beautiful knife and whoever picks this up will be one lucky sob.
Thanks for the trade offers...as tempting as they both sound, I am all set with knives besides my possible yanagi interest.

Yoshikane will only be up for another 24-36 hours and then I'm pulling it down. There is someone interested in purchasing at a later date if it was still available, so I'm only giving it another day or so before I hold it for them.
Yosh is being pulled down and packed away for Len next month.