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Feb 28, 2022
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Good Afternoon Everybody,

Here I have a dangerous looking little suji for you. This is my first complete blade in O1, it was drawn down out of 7/8" drill rod. She's a little narrow, I'll admit, but this was my first real practice piece when I picked up my press a few months ago and I hadn't quite worked out lateral drawing yet, I may have also been a little spellbound at being able to compress a 7/8 bar of O1 1/4" at a time, (those of you who have forged it by hand will understand), but that's a story for another time.

It has a very pronounced RH bias, and I left a few speck sized dimples from the forge scale just in front of the handle, and one on the back of the tip as subtle provenance that this was in fact a forged blade and not simply stock removal.

  • Blade: 270mmx30mm O1 tool steel (64hrc) 600 grit hand finish
  • Neck: 14mmx20mm
  • Handle: 127mm, tapering from 24.4mmx22.8 to 22.4mmx21.3mm, scorched oak, oiled and waxed
  • POB: 60mm from handle
  • Spine: 2.7mm at the neck, 2.16mm at 15cm, 1.5mm 1cm from the tip
  • Grind: flat to convex
  • Weight: 145 grams
  • Relieved choil and spine
  • Edge: .15mm
Asking $195 U.S shipped and insured



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