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SOLD A Few Gyutos

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Nov 23, 2020
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For sale are three gyutos. I would like to sell together at a great price. I am clearing out the knife drawer(s)!

1. Nordquist Designs 200mm Gyuto with a partial exposed tang.
Condition: Brand New
Steel: High Carbon
Weight: 143 Grams

2. Nordquist Designs 210mm Gyuto Enamel and wood handle
Condition: Well Used, expect imperfections
Steel: High Carbon
Weight: 157 Grams

3. Mike Jones Knife & Tool 180mm Gyuto Striped Wood Handle
Condition: Used, expect imperfections
Steel: High Carbon
Weight: 155 Grams

Asking $300 USD (375 Canadian) for everything. This includes shipping to Canada or USA. I can accept PayPal or credit cards via Square Invoice.
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Haha this thread is funny. In all honesty he is a Canadian Blacksmith that makes hunting knives and kitchen knives. Joe Rogan uses his hunting knives as discussed on his podcast. His work is good but a little thick on the spine. Handles are petite and well finished.