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Bryan G.

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Mar 5, 2011
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For those who wish to read:

A professional kitchen many times I have heard termed, "like a ship" or "boat" ... but I think in the analogy the FOOD is more of the ship.* The Kitchen is better compared to the actual ocean, wind and weather.* Every person in it a wave, a breeze, a drop of rain or bolt of lightening. When the mental chemistry of those in a professional kitchen are at one with one another, in harmony, the noise becomes a rhythm. The chaos a cosmos. The speed of pace like a gentle ballet. The* waves are high and low but the ship sails smooth.* The clouds are clear and the wind blows gentle and steady.* The "ship" ... or food sails from the kitchen at a steady pace, with ease and reaches it's intended destination without fail, in this case the intended "foodie" ... the heart and soul, the individual.
It is not one person who moves the ship, as much it is not one wave that moves the literal ship. It is not the Chef, nor the line cooks, nor the Expeditor, waiter or dishwasher.* NO.* The whole is no greater than the sum of the parts that create it. Nor can any part differ from the whole in kind ... as if one part is in discord, it will certainly arise and be apparent when viewing the whole.* Can it be understood as I've stated it? Lets put it in lesser, perhaps more familiar terms. If a plate is not washed properly ... a dish in any course ill prepared ... a smile or positive attitude not given with delivery of said course ... or if the "ship" is not moved in the proper direction ... what is the likeliness of it reaching its intended destination?* What are the chances of the "ship" arriving completely in tact, undamaged, immaculate to the exact intended destination it first set out to reach?
When the skies are blue ... the rain, thunder, and lightening no where to be found ... when the waves move in perfect harmony, one blending into another, it is a symphony of epic proportions. It is truly a site to behold and the result is the "ship" is carried to the destination without any harm, worry, fear or discord ever touching it.* It is a beautiful event for all involved and something all should set their sites on. It is something that those outside of the kitchen can only attempt to fathom and blindly grasp at understanding ... for those of us who live in the kitchen the thought carries deep into the depths of our spirit, as deep as the waters of the deepest ocean.
Thanks for reading, Kindest Regards
wow very nice. My mentor in the business called it "controlled chaos". Love how you put it too.:plus1: