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WTS Absurdly, Ridiculously Huge Sale (2/26 new drops!)

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Apr 20, 2021
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Charlotte, NC
After 4 years at this hobby, I think I've narrowed down my preferences somewhat. So it's time to sell the blades I'm not using.

NOTE 1: For the first week this post is up, I'm only going to consider bundles from the knives listed below. I'll make an update when that changes. The more knives in a bundle, the more cash I'll knock off the total price. Open to individual sales now
NOTE 2: These are FOR SALE ONLY. The absolute only things I would entertain for trades would be Yanick, Milan, Comet or The9 honyaki gyutos/nakiris

PayPal G&S for all these, keeping it CONUS as well.

Still Available:

Manaka 214x51mm - unused, bought from a forum member for $400 , selling for same $375 $350 $325

Horn & heel bunka 190x51mm - bought from Accoutre Richmond for $450, used not sharpened, selling for $400 $350 $325 $300


Kamon 210x58mm - Bought from Modern Cooking used lightly, edge tuned up on a 3k stone once, paid ~$1400, selling for $1350

Isas 211x50mm - Bought on reddit (I know right?), used lightly, not sharpened $325

Kippington Laser, 236x53 52100, used, not sharpened bought from a forum member selling for $600

Kono blue 2 210x50mm - got in a trade with a forum member, used once by me, $400

Kono blue 1 dama 230x50mm - Bought from a forum memeber for $1050, unusued selling for same

Jiro #285 Wa 225x58mm - bought from a forum member for $895 , used once, selling for same

Tetsujin 210x46mm - bought from one of the original drops, can't remember the site (it was Aussie), unused, paid $350, selling for same

Xerxes Primus 2 245x50mm - Bought from a forum member for $925, used for a test cut and put away, selling for same

Birgesson 168x48mm- Bought direct a couple years ago, used lightly, not sharpened listing is gone, call it $225

Spare honyaki 230x55mm - Bought from Modern Cooking for ~$350, used once, selling for $325

Majime Sumanagishi 200x45mm- Listing gone from his site. Lightly used and sharpened once, bought for $900 selling for $850

Adonis 200x57mm - Bought from Modern Cooking for ~$900, used lightly, not sharpened, selling for $850

Ikeda 226x52 - bought from forum member for ~$400, used a bit then put away, selling for $375

TF Denka 215x53mm - bought from a forum member for $600, used once then stored selling for $575 $550 $525

Simon Maillet 175x55mm - bought direct for around $300, lightly used unsharpened, selling for $275 $250 $225
Toyama 210x50mm - bought from JNS last year for ~$400, unused selling for same $375 $350 $325

Wat Special 210x50mm - can't find the listing on the Watanabe site. Paid $650. selling for 500 $475 $450
Note: Found the listing in the wayback machine these are the notes direct from the Wat site:
Total length 360mm, blade 210mm, width 50mm, thickness 4.4-1.7mm, weight 185g, double bevel, material stainless clad blue #2.
western shaped wild cherry blossom wood handle with stripe ebony hilt.
Price was 60000 yen when I bought it, this was before the yen dip, but corrected price to 500 to be more fair

Herde 225x51mm- Bought from his recent drop for ~$425, used for a couple test cuts, selling for same $400 $375

Radiona Breg damascus 210x52mm - Bought from Modern Cooking, this one lightly used, paid $800 selling for $770 $700 $675 $650
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Group photos (individual photos incoming)
Adonis, Spare, Birgersson


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