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Feb 13, 2020
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Good morning KKF. I had the opportunity yesterday to hang out with the ACRE Forge team and get hands on with their PKL Knife. I volunteered to host a pass around here for some feedback for them.

The Knife:
7.25" AEB-L 62hrc
custom Richlite scales in blue with light brown accents and corby bolts
This was designed as a team effort to be a lower entry point for a hand finished knife for anyone to use.

If you arent aware ACRE is a group of amazing knife makers that were trained in the Muteki Program with Carter Cutlery
I am sure you guys here all know Alex Horn and Jamison Chopp but please check ACRE out because they are all amazing. I am probably missing some but yesterday I saw Adam Andrews, Chloe Kim, Ryan Cavalo, Greyson, Shamus and really sorry if I missed anyone. It's a big group of guys and gals that are both making their own knives and getting these PKL's out into the world.
if you check their website out you can purchase both the PKL but also a a couple dozen custom knives are currently available.

The plan is to cap this at 20 people in the US only for now (we could expand later) first come first serve.
I am going to keep this to known member first than open up to newer ones if need be.
Shipping to the next person is your responsibility. I am thinking you will keep the knife for about a week prior to passing it on.
Sharpening is fine, if something happens like a large chip I would have you send it back to me and I will take it in to ACRE to get fixed before continuing on.
The main thing I ask is that you are willing to give some good feedback to the team.
you can either post here and I will share or you can email [email protected] directly if you are more comfortable.
Things like profile, handle comfort and material, grind etc. are really important.

As soon as we get 20 people I will start reaching out to you individually to get this set up and possibly sent out by Monday

Ill start with some feedback and videos throughout this week. My current plan after the pass around is over is to do an Instagram giveaway.
if you are interested in that you can follow myself mattjac33 and acre.forge on Instagram but I will share the plan here first.
Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy when you receive the knife!!!!

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ok I am closing this down and here is the order
after @Jf1026 it will ship back to me to get refinished and then I will do the giveaway, I will DM @OyakoDont this morning for his address and ship on Monday. Try to keep it as close to a week and possible before sending to the next person. As much feedback as you can give will be greatly appreciated by the team at ACRE. If you could let us know when you receive and ship that would be great. Thanks everyone

Knife received today! A little slow start, thanks USPS, but glad everything arrived ok. Everything looks in good order. Currently cooking dad’s birthday dinner, so I put it to work right away. I’ll keep track of notes for the final review write up. For now, some pics of the as received picture.


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