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SOLD Akifusa srs15 240 - needs sandpaper refinishing ($188) [SOLD]

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Feb 6, 2015
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Here's a bit of a head scratcher. I bought this knife unused off of BST. I don't recall these odd scuffs in the cladding when I received it, but perhaps I didn't look in the right light. My best guess is that the finish was badly scuffed by a tight fitting blade guard. Or, because the scuff marks run parallel with the brushed vertical finish, it's also very possible that it's a factory error in the application of the brushed finish.

In any event, I literally only used it once on a single onion and the edge is in pristine shape. Very nice grind, these are high performing knives. Balance is exceptional with a nice distal taper and even a tapered tang! SRS15 is also a great steel and these are treated to 64hrc. Edge retention for days but very fine grained and not difficult to sharpen (I've owned other akifusa knives in this series).

Because of the issues with the finish, I'll take $100 off what I paid and let it go for $188 shipped CONUS. Little bit of elbow grease and some sandpaper and you'll have this baby back in business. Or leave as is, I won't tell 🤷‍♂️

1 - akifusa - right side.jpg

2 - akifusa - left side.jpg

3 - akifusa - choil.jpg

4 - akifusa - tang.jpg

5 - akifusa - spine.jpg
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