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SOLD Anryu AS 240mm Gyuto

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Jan 27, 2020
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Anryu 242x51mm Gyuto
Aogami Blue Super, Stainless Clad
Ebony/Horn octo handle

This particular one is like new, only been used once to prep a dinner and been sitting in storage since. Up for sale because I'm not using my gyutos very often and reaching for cleavers instead. Behind the edge is very thin. Grind is an even 50/50 fully convex both sides up to the shinogi, and as you go up the blade, it tends to be on the thinner side of medium (choil shot is a bit deceiving because of the hammered finish). I didn't experience any wedging in dense produce. It has a slight forward balance of about 20mm from choil/heel. Overall it feels very similar to Wakui, with a little less flat spot near the heel. The blade has a really high polish on it, almost mirror-like, which is difficult to fully capture in photos.

The octo ebony handle feels comfortable, and the wood itself has some nice figure in it. The handle install is one of the cleanest I've seen with very minimal gap between the tang and handle slot.

$320 shipped & insured within US (international I can cover the first $15, PM for details)
Comes with original box

Blade length: 242mm
Height at Heel: 51mm
Weight: 209g
Balance: approx 20mm forward from heel

Spine Thickness
Heel: 3.0mm
Midpoint: 1.9mm
1cm from Tip: 0.8mm






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I have a suite of Anryus, and my hammered 240 in Aogami 2 is my prize. I only have one AS Anryu, and it's a 300mm suji. I love it, but it's a huge suji and I'm a home cook, so it sees relatively rare action. The blue 2 210mm is my daily driver, but the 240 comes out all the time because it's so much fun. I'd love to have one in AS just to use and sharpen the steel more. That handle is handsome, and the polish you describe sounds like a step in the right direction from the finish on my suji. I love that murdered-out look with the dark KU and the horn/ebony handle. I want its dark magic. Just had a baby or I would snatch this up. GLWS!