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WTS ARM-ed and dangerous cleaver sale (price drop)

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Wood luvr
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Oct 5, 2022
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Brooke Turner Cleaver364g203 x 97mm52100 Mono$410
Pig Iron Forge Cleaver283g202 x 87mm15n20 / Damascus clad$750
Hyde Cleaver251g215 x 84mm1075 Mono$480
Nordquist Ko-Bunka214g133 x 69mmUnsure, high-carbon mono$325
Lundburgs Suji208g271 x 40mm26c3 / something-clad$350 (w/o handle)
Simon Maillet Tall Nakiri296g186 x 83mm26c3 Mono$450
Kisuke Cleaver440g210 x 107mmBlue #2 / Iron Clad (I think)$400
Keskin Tall/Long Nakiri296g210 x 80mmHigh carbon mono$200
Shir Cleaver / Tall Nakiri312g192 x 78mm1.2419 and 15n20$680

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Click titles for photos / choil shots! I am also open to trades (only for other Western cleavers)

Notes below:

Every knife will come with a free jar of Chili Crisp of your choice from Crispy Club ! Prices include shipping to CONUS. I will pay the first $10 of international shipping.

Pig Iron Forge Cleaver: Made the handle for this guy, was my first successful heirloomed handle. Used this twice. He did not put an edge on this, he left that for me to do and honestly I'm not too happy with the edge I gave it. You'll likely want to re-sharpen (it's symmetrical just something is off about it). The ferrule wood (Holly) is prone to staining as you can see in one photo, just heads up. Selling less than the blade cost me without a handle. This is a laser through-and through. Convex grind

Nordquist Ko-Bunka S-Grind: Used about 5 years, sharpened 5-7 times

Lundbergs Suji: Bought from fellow KKF user, used 2x personally, not personally sharpened. The handle in the photos is not included, I made it and it is not up to my standards. Price is for blade-only, selling for less than I paid

Simon Maillet Tall Nakiri: Bought from KKF, used about 10x, sharpened once personally. Awesome workhorse, not quite a cleaver in my book, feels more tall Nakiri, but close. Convex Grind. Selling for the price I paid.

Shir Cleaver: Used about 10x, sharpened once. Awesome workhorse tall nakiri / small cleaver. Thicker spine but very thin BTE. Selling for about $150 less than I paid. The damacus is vibrant on this one in person. Truly a gorgeous blade
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Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful. But I have...enough? knives? And I don't need any rectangles?
The question marks tell me you are trying to convince yourself that the squares are not as Holy as they are!

I get it, but man, they are definitely my daily drivers. So fun to use. I have a few gyutos and they never get picked up