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SOLD Assorted Asian (non-Japanese) Knives

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Dec 17, 2012
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Maryland (DC suburbs)
Top to bottom:
Shihlin stainless cleaver HRC 60 from Taiwan, bought directly from maker, very light use, was about $100 new
Maestro Wu "bombshell" tall bunka, was about $50 new. Has a small bent area along edge (maybe not so bomb-proof after all)
Dao Vua leaf spring santoku, brand new, never used, was $55 new
Dao Vua leaf spring tall petty, brand new, never used, was $45 new
CCK stainless small cleaver, brand new, never used, purchased from the maker in Hong Kong, think it was ~$30
Kiwi tall bunka, light use, very thin. Cheap
Unknown stainless Chinese cleaver, probably quite cheap
Peeling/slicing tool from Vietnam, cheap
None of these are going to be your best knife, but they might be fun to try. Let's say $150 for the whole set, including PP fees and shipping in the U.S. They will take about 10-14 days to reach you.


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