Atoma Plates??????

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Feb 28, 2011
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So , Who's usin em? Who likes em? Who doesn't? ryan
How much life do you get out of one of those pads vs a DMT?
I have had m ine for a year , 1.2k and it works great.
I use it to lap anything above 1k including 10k SS with no problems.
Nice. I am really attracted to the idea that they don't stick to stones when lapping. Is this so?
The stone has to be a real mud monster for the Atomas to stick. They're pretty nice for stone flattening.
I've had mine for a few months, using it a couple times a week, probably. Most of the wear would be due to flattening a Beston 500. It clearly does not cut like it used to but it cuts very well. It does not stick much at all.