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SOLD Big Tsushima JNat from Morihei

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Dec 17, 2012
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Maryland (DC suburbs)
Tsushima Natural Stone, purchased from Morihei, just used to test on one or two knives, it's just a stone I don't use much.
Here's their product description:
"Since it is made of even abrasive grains with few impurities, it is easy to sharpen evenly.
Since it is very fragile, crack prevention processing is essential.
Our Tsushima grind is made of Japanese paper and is overcoated with cashew. It is anti-cracked by applying 3 sheets of Japanese paper repeatedly.
It is recommended to use it before the finishing whetstone because it has finer mesh than medium whetstones such as Bisui and Amakusa.
Finally, it is a time-consuming product that is wrapped in Japanese paper.
Size: Approximately 205 x 80 x 50 [mm]
Weight: Approximately 2400 [g]"
$150 including PP fees and shipping in the U.S. It will take about 10-14 days to reach you.
(Check out my listing for Amakusa and Binsui stones if you would like a Jnat set . . .)

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