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Mar 1, 2011
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I don't know if this really goes here, but since this sub-forum gets the most traffic, I'll post it here and one of the mods can move it if they want to.

I really want to say a huge thanks to all of you that have made this forum, in such a short time, just a HUGE reference point for all things kitchen knives. Everyone from Dave, Jon, Stephan, maxim, all the other makers, all the handle makers, and all the experienced users and chef's who have freely given tons of input and videos to things they could have held back as "trade secrets" have made this place amazing for all of us mere mortals. Ever since the "incident" that led to the beginning of this forum, the plethora of information from sharpening double bevels to sharpening single bevels to polishing to knife making to handle making to cutting technique to anything else knife related has just exploded, and I really want to thanks all of you guys who have been so forthcoming in what you do and helping us who are trying to learn to be better at what we do. I've always felt like in the past there was tons of information out there on specific products, but learning to use them has been a little bit more of a crapshoot, but that has changed significantly in the past six weeks or so, and it's because you guys who have spent years learning a craft have been forthcoming where you could have been secretive.

Mad props to all of you!!!

I'd like to say thanks to all of you too. Every one of you guys/gals who have joined here have contributed in one way or another to a great start up success. I'm really pleased with the tone and atmosphere that you members have created in such a short time - it's amazing to me. A special thanks has also got to be given to Jim, Ryan, and Jay for their help on the backside of things. Jim has been an enormous asset to have, so much that I should be paying him.

I'm giving you all a big thumbs up too! :thumbsup: :dance: :thumbsup:
It is the members that make the forum.
I learn so much from every one here. One thing I have noticed, is that forums like this, fosters creativity. As a home cook who loves knives and food, and don't work in the industry, I get a taste of what it is like. I really enjoy reading the insightfull snippets. You guys give me inspiration for what to make next, and the family and friends who come over are the lucky beneficiaries.
Thank you everyone.
I love the fact that I can get almost instant reactions to my questions so that I can adjust my sharpening technique immediately. The amount I have picked up in the last several weeks is amazing. I also love the fact that I don't have to pretend to be hardcore, or know more than I actually know. I am confident and comfortable with my abilities, I can get a knife crazy sharp like most of the rest of you, yet I can also allow myself to publicly admit that there are some things that will improve my technique. I think that on some forums it's easy to get labeled a newbie just because a person asks more questions than they give answers. This is a board for artisans, that much is clear. In some ways I have begun to see this community as a Guild of sorts.
i guess a huge thanks is probably long overdue. i really do appreciate all the help you professionals have handed to all of us and made it possible for people like myself to learn via forums and videos. i would be lost without you all and probably still thinking my shun santoku was the bee's knee's. i have made a lot of friends and learned so much in the few years ive known you all and look forward to having wonderful agreements and disagreements with everyone.

the special thanks goes to the vendors, knife makers and professional sharpeners that made this forum and its wonderful attitude and vibe possible. thanks you very much!!!!
I'm also impressed with how quickly things were up and runningaround here...kudos to all involved. I almost feel bad for the old is like a deserted city around there now.

Let's keep going strong and continuing to build on in 2011!
Yeah, the tightness of the community certainly drew everyone together! While I would love to romanticize, the main reason things have been so relaxed and productive and nobody is getting banned or stern mod warnings is because we are still a small site, without the insolent internet driftwood that gathers around larger websites.

The lack of ads(while I don't hate all ads), helps me get things done on here. Instead of having to switch to Firefox with Adblock, effectively destroying the purpose of advertisers.

The other day, I noticed that the letter "K" on my browser brings up this site now. Interesting to see how that happened! Its a lot friendlier here, and more kitchen-related.

Dave(and other mods), as long as you don't condone blackmail, I'll be around!
I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into your community, I've really enjoyed it here and expect 2011 to be a kick butt year.
I agree with all above. Impressive how fast it grew.

Although, being a foreigner, isn't the pic of the guy who made the "Mankini" every american males preferred beachwear? :eek2: :lol2:

(I can't find the smileys, but the last part is intended as a joke)
Edit:Found them when editing
Definitely a big thanks to everyone. There's a great vibe and energy here, a great exchange of knowledge and information, and it's just a great online place to be.
I completely agree with all of the above. We call it a forum, but it takes little time at all to realize it's actually a community, and one far more open and welcoming than most I've encountered. Much thanks to Dave, Jim and pretty much everyone here for making the place what it is.
Big thanks for all the reasons already stated. It's also nice to have a forum that's not a small sub-forum of what was a sometimes pretty scary community (dueling banjos, anyone?). And really nice to see people with huge talent that didn't have a huge presence in other places step up and take their rightful place. Dave the Boardsmith is one of those people that immediately comes to mind...

All in all, this forum rocks.
I have to agree with Stephen, thanks for the warm welcome into your community.
I will contribute as much as I can! :D
Also agree with everyone. I would like to thank everyone for giving of there time and expertise in all fields. Thanks again everyone.
Great and polite people with tons of knowledge who are willing to share their experience is what makes this forum awesome. I learn a lot here and also make a new friends although never meet them in person :).

This forum really does have a nice neighborhood feel, probably because almost everyone knows Dave M. It's great having so many makers on here, so we can learn from them plus give them ideas on what we would like to see. It's a very friendly BBS, and I hope it stays that way for a long time.

It's amazing how the ECG is shaping up, with so many craftsmen attending. I don't think that would have happened if this BBS was not up and running. I'm looking forward to meeting Del face-to-face (and hopefully Devin Thomas), and some of the other makers I have only learned about since this BBS started. Now if only Dave could convince Pierre to fly down for it...
I would like to add my thanks as well. It is a privledge being here to say the least, and look forward to learning, and offering what I can.

Dave ya bum! Give Jim a raise!! :D

David, not sure if the dog sled will make it to the airport :(