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Sep 30, 2014
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How many plan on stopping by the weekend of June 3rd? Over the years kitchen knives have been growing more and more popular there. I for one have a table (23S) as do a few other makers we know.

This show actually caught me by surprise. After a year or two of no shows due to covid, I completely forgot to get ready for it until later than I would have liked. Be that as it may, I still look forward to it. My plan is to bring some kasumi finished sanmai, a few wootz examples and some jnats.

My smelting partner will have some of his work there with me in the form of swords made from iron and steel that we smelt from ore, some Tsuba he has made over the years, along with some antique nihonto and even bloomery (western tamahagane) iron bars and steel for sale.

Come see us at 23S in Atlanta GA the weekend of June 3rd for Bladeshow. Thanks :]

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Okay, so I didn't mean for it to sound like a lame advertisement. I really just hope to see some knowledgeable folks at the show to handle a few of my blades. You can see 20,000 people a day and only a fraction know about kitchen knives to the extent of this group. Even among many makers, at least of these styles.

Even if I didn't sell anything, if I left with at least valuable feedback, I would be happy.
Good luck at the show -- hope you get a lot of traffic.

Hotlanta in June is as bad as/ worse than DC in July. Hope the AC kicks butt!
Not lame at all.

I went to the Blade Show several years ago and enjoyed it. Saw some Japanese Knife makers and Japanese style knives but they were very much in the minority. Carter had a booth but Murray was not available right now. Spydie had the best looking booth babes and I've been a customer since :cool:

If circumstances allowed it I would be there again.