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SOLD Brunton EPOCH 8.5x43 Binoculars with Pelican Case & Accessories

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Jul 12, 2011
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I am selling Brunton EPOCH 8.5x43 Binoculars with Pelican Case & Accessories. Case and all accessories are original to it. The company went out of business in 2014 (selling binoculars), so complete premium set is usually very hard to find. These are very well build and while the company is based in Wyoming USA, they are owned by Swedish Corporation, the actual binoculars are made in Japan with SF Prism Glass.

Glass itself is in excellent/perfect condition, no fog or anything inside. I spend 30 min looking through them this week trying to find physical issues, and could not. It is used though, so some basic usage marks are to be expected.

I believe they were selling for $1499, but this premium version retailed for $1799 (with a a pelican case, tripod mount, and a 2x Extention (I believe it's used for a scope setup, where you'd remove part of the right eye and mount it... I never done it though)

It comes with all 4 caps, original warranty card and a manual.

IMO (biased, I know), there is very little available these days for the price I am asking with this performance and type of glass. My guess they would be $2k+ retail now...

I am asking $525 shipped in CONusa. Elsewhere please inquire in private!



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