Carter IP Gyuto 2k

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I'd get both shig Kitaeji and kato kikuyu for 2K....maybe just me...
65mm tall? jeez. Not a big fan of the top to bottom finish, either, makes it hard to touch up.
Carter makes great knives but for 2k you can get 4 devin ITK's or one Devin or Rader dammy, not much of a question in my mind which way I'd go..
That is a hefty price. I had to sell my 225 recently and sold it for a bit over $700 IIRC. Looks like chances are dim that I ever re-buy an IP - and don't get me wrong, they are excellent knives, just completely out of my price range now.

Crazy price, but good for Murray. This knife is classic upscale Carter. I like it, and if you're a Carter fan, this is a stunner. He needs to make some dammy again. Ahem...Murray?
If he can get 2k for this one why should he bother doin' damascus?
A IP carter like the one in the picture that Rick has is definitely a unicorn knife for me.
I wonder what this set would cost Warren today?

Still one of the mosty impressive sets I have ever seen - and even handled...

Warren doesn't talk $$ on his purchases but I recall thinking that it had to be about 8k way back then.
Could somebody explain to what does IP stands for in this context and what does dammy knife mean?

Crap! I didn't see that they're damascus! Wow...I'm way off!