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Aug 13, 2013
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Was just looking at some websites and saw that CCK has changed the stamping and the overall of the 1102 looks a tad different as well.
Got me thinking that there might have been some changes done in recent years.

Anyone have a newer version that hopefully had an older one to compare it to?

The price has gone up as well by a good 40% since I last looked.

Jokes aside CCK is mainly bulk sell to restaurants I doubt majority of their customers cares about the change.

good point.

I have always felt the the 11 series was just a happy accident where all the elements just happened to line up to make for a good performer and not by "design" from the manufacturer.
The rest of their wares seemed to be in to same category as most other manufacturers from that area. Quantity over quality.
So I wouldn't be surprised if the new offerings are of lesser materials. I hope I am wrong.
just saw a good thread talking about this from @dafox back in June of last year.