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WTS Cleanin' out the closet

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Oct 7, 2018
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A couple knives on that aren't getting used lately

1) Gihei Blue #2 150x36mm petty Sold

Sharpened once. Absolutely stellar grind, super thin at the edge, super precise tip. If you're looking for a shallot daddy you've found it. $110

2) Sugimoto CM 150mm petty.

Sharpened many times but it has been thinned and maintained so it still cuts really well. Righty biased for sure. Unknown stainless (probably 14c28n, AEBL, etc.) A perfect knife for supremes and citrus. $100

3) Ashi Ginga in white #2, 235x49mm (Comes with saya) Sold

A Bluewayjapan special. Got it from another forum member, has only been sharpened once. A quintessential laser style knife. Best Ho wood octagonal handles in the game. 210$

All prices are shipped in CONUS

More knives coming to BST soon


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