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WTS Cruzeiro Facas 190 x 75mm Large Nakiri

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Dec 27, 2021
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Sell more to save space as I get to know more about what I want

1.Kippington 250mm Workpony, 64 HRC 52100, probably no introduction needed... Got from a trade, trade value $600 sell for same. SOLD

2.Simon Herde 230mm Production series, 60 HRC 14C28N stainless, great knife from a young German maker, cuts very similar to Kippington dare I say, $400 $380 SOLD

3. Cruzeirofacas 190mm x 75mm small cleaver/ Large Nakiri, 63 HRC 52100, Raphael is a great maker from Brazil, I have another order from him so selling this one $400 $380 $360 $350 $330!
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Someone should jump on that piece from Simon. I’ve got the same exact knife and find myself reaching for it more than my Kipp WP. In my opinion it’s the best price to performance knife out there at the moment. GLWS!
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