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SOLD Custom Tadokoro B1 225mm Gyuto (price drop)

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Aug 27, 2019
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This was a special order for me by Tadokoro (wonderful sharpener trained by Morihiro). Blade was forged by Nakagawa. Blue 1 ironclad. Tadokoro's beautiful mirror polish+kasumi combo.

Used once to test it out. Couple spots of patina I could not get out with flitz, you might have some better luck with some elbow grease. OG edge. Mirror finish as always isn't perfect but it's the best I've seen. Only selling because I have another Tadokoro on the way I ordered because I liked my first 2 so much, and want something a bit longer (this was originally supposed to be 225mm of cutting edge, but it was made to be a sakai 225mm)

Please see video for detailed condition

It includes a black urushi saya and I installed a tasmanian blackwood and marble horn handle from JoBone. The knife+Saya cost me 575 and the handle was 125iirc.

Asking 550 475 shipped.

Edge length: 210mm
Height: 55mm
Weight 211g
Stock: 3.45mm




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Man, I was breathing pretty hard on this one. If the new buyer wants to move it on, please let me know!