Did I buy a fake stone drunken?

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Jul 28, 2022
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Berlin, Germany
Hello all,

I may make a fool of myself. I like to buy stones on yahoo. I have one seller whom I trust and he always delivers what he describes. He is posting slurry pics and so on.
Two days ago I just spend some time on yahoo and had a drink or two too much. I know , one shouldn't go on auctions like that lol.
Now a friend told me, that he is sure I bought a fake tomae. I was angry on myself, because normally I void stones with stamps, when not from a kind of official or trusted seller.
Anyway it's on the way to my house and maybe I can use it as brick in our garden wall...
Anyone with deeper knowledge than me can tell me by these two pictures too, that it's a fake?


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So right. I will put it to the test. Not on my Takedas for sure lol.
Just thought if it's a fake, maybe someone else had a similar stone in his/her garden now ;)
Auction stones are fun - so long as you go into it with the knowledge that you are going to hit some duds eventually. I've had stones I wasn't too excited about turn out excellent and ones I had high hopes for totally flop. You won't know until you get it!

I will say, I almost never trust stamps and or mine info provided in listings, but you seem to know that already.
This one was a good buy from yahoo. It's huuuuuuge.
A little karasu , hard and fine.


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Thanks - it was cheap, it's small and thin - size of an iPhone, but I have 2 similar sized stones from him before and they are very nice. It's a lottery, but the learning curve can be cheap. Not sure if the link will work...

I know that seller. Mostly good stones. But too many bidders on his auctions mostly.
Ok, the stone arrived. I start drinking lol
Must be some unknown very hard awasedo. Tried to lap with atoma 140. I gave up after 5 minutes. Damn mofo.
On the pics it looked white.
Wet it's dark brown with an orange line.
It sharpens,but almost no feedback.
I attach the yahood and the original ones.
Maybe good for razor sharpening.


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60 grit on glass would be better than a sidewalk I think. Best of luck
I give up. It's unlappable...45 minutes and no success can't get rid of the belly. The corners are still not reached. Anyway I tried it on two knives. It's hard and not super fine. Just fine. I will put it in a box and forget about it.