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Mar 4, 2011
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I'm rewatching the second disc of Dave Martell's video to better memorize the techniques. I was hoping for a clarification of back beveling. He talks about removing metal and lengthening the width of the bevel, then he seems to sharpen at the factory edge. Does continuing to follow that factory edge thin the metal/back bevel? Does that need to be done before sharpening?

Ok and to follow this up, it looks like he creates a primary bevel by simple raising the knife by a degree on the highest stone that he progresses through. It seems to be something of a finishing move--simultaneously breaking the remnants of burr and quickly carving out a primary bevel. It seems to only take a few seconds. Is this an accurate take on how to create the primary bevel? I'm just trying to figure out if that is how he creates the primary bevel or if he was creating the primary bevel all along and didn't even show his thinning process.

I would sincerely appreciate any advice given to me! I've found these forums to be so helpful on my path to "scary sharpening"!
so imagine if u sharpen at the same angle continuously.....as you tarvel up the side of the knife it will continue to become thicker and become an axe eventually.....you are basically thinning out the sides of the knife and then raising it to sharpen at your desired angle.....this is done everytime you sharpen so you don't wind up with a thick edge.....hope that clears it up.....

the second part i'm not sure what exactly you mean.....but i'm sure dave or someone else will ....maybe you are talking about the part where he talks about a micro bevel?....ryan
Ya, a microbevel was what he was referring to. I apologize if i phrased it incorrectly. So was he basically just thinning out the knife the whole time and creating a microbevel at the end?
not really.....i am not speaking for dave but basically you sharpen just above the edge to thin it a little.....then raise the angle do your sharpening.....then raise it again for a few swipes for a micro bevel......now remember when i say raise it we ain't talking about inches or anything here....it is very slight but it is there.....hope that helps....ryan
My DVD was done with the idea that people sharpening any type of knife could benefit so with that in mind I felt I should talk about and show the dual bevel edge which is what most people sharpening most knives will use.

Now flip this over to specifically our world where we're looking to go as thin as possible and I might suggest a different approach - unless - you're looking for sturdy over max performance. So, what I'd suggest doing is just like I did in the DVD except I wouldn't recommend actually making an effort to put on a dual beveled edge. The reason is that your natural wobble is likely already doing enough multi-beveling as it is, there's no reason to add even more into the mix. :)

Now should you want to dual bevel the easiest way to do this is to first cut in your secondary bevel (both sides) creating a burr. Then polish to whatever level you wish. Then using your finest grit stone (that you're stopping on) raise the spine about 1 deg and work in a primary bevel.

As for thinning the edge, this should always be done. To do so, without a workout, always start grinding at the top of the current bevel and work your way down to the cutting edge.
Thank you guys so much for helping me to clarify the points you made in the video!!! Its especially cool to get feedback from you directly, but of course i appreciate your expert opinion Sudsy just as much! Thanks to folks like you i have gotten some really sweet edges tonight on my Hiro AS.