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Aug 24, 2012
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Ok, I'm new here and haven't talked much about myself, so I have to explain a little first.

My main job is in an office, with about 20 employees an managers. The girls (women) who usually plan the end of year (Christmas) party for the office are indisposed so my friend and I volunteered. I'm much more food oriented than my friend. He's more games and activities oriented, so our responsibilities for the party planning fell into predictable places, but we do provide and accept input from the other. It's good to have a dissenting view to keep you grounded.

To keep costs down and allow everyone to contribute we are having a non-luck pot luck. I have labeled it "Self-Catering," since I have predetermined the menu and everyone gets to choose a dish or two to prepare, with some limited freedom of expression. None of the employees cook or have ever cooked professionally, with the possible exception of McDs or a pizza joint (like me). However, there is a chef and former chef among the spouses, and many of us are exceptional home cooks as evidenced by previous pot lucks. So I have confidence that we can do better than "everybody bring a dish." Employees generally bring a date, spouse or some other guest, so we are expecting 40 total party-goers.

So here is the menu, for your review and critique. Some items are clearly defined, others are open to expression. Everything is variable based on the individual's recipe. I'm totally open to recipe or menu alteration recommendations, but more especially I'm wondering if I have too much food, not enough, and how balanced the meal is.

Dinner Menu:
Entrees (20 x 3oz servings each):
Italian Porchetta (pork roast wrapped in pork belly)
Italian Meatballs (beef or beef/veal/lamb mixture)
White Fish Fillet in an Italian style
Vegetarian Noodle-less Lasagna or Eggplant Parm

Sides (20 x 3oz servings each):
Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli in Marinara
Fettuccine or Linguini Alfredo
Parmesan Potatoes with Prosciutto or Cheesy Gnocci
Mixed Greens and Peppers Saute with Romano and Pecorino
Asparagus, Artichoke and Mushrooms Casserole

Salads and Starters (20 x 3oz servings each):
Tossed Green Salad (w/ a variety of dressings)
Broccoli Salad
Potato Salad
Bean/3-Bean Salad
Deviled Eggs (45-50 servings)
Cheese Plate - 3 cheeses (1 hard, 1 firm, 1 soft; 1 blue, 1 or 2 Italian; with crackers and crustinis)
Variety of Rolls, Buns and Breads (40-50)

Desserts (20 x 3oz servings each):
- 4 desserts of any kind

I know we recently had a "Hello from Italy" member join and I am especially interested in what they have to say, but not only them. Please, let me know if I'm going in a good direction.