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WTS [EUR] Shoubudani Suita Aka renge

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Apr 22, 2021
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This was my first "expensive" JNAT, so I wanted to get a good one and asked Shinichi Watanabe for a good finisher. He recommended me this stone, a relatively soft suita, easy to work with, beautiful stone also with the deep purple renge. It's quite big, 170 mm length, a very practical 80-85 mm width and 45 mm thick, weight is about 1,52 kg (please note I don't have a precision scale in this range).
Don't think the rating HSD 37 means this is a very soft stone, in fact you have to press hard to get a tiny bit of slurry. If you want slurry it's better to use a diamond plate.
It is a fast stone and a very good finisher.
This stone was still affordable because of two things: first of all the irregular shape, and secondly there is a spot that releases big abrasive particles (red circle on the photo). I dug it out with a nail, so it's not a problem for sharpening. The rest of the line can't be felt. However for this reason I wouldn't recommend this stone for polishing.
I paid around € 300 including shipping and duties, but everyone knows Shinichi is a bit expensive, so I let this one go for € 250 shipped in EU (for other countries please ask).
Suita 6.jpg

Suita 6.jpg
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