Experiences with Korin thinning/convexing? Or other shops?

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Feb 21, 2022
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San Francisco
Looking for advice or experiences from anyone who asked a shop to bring some convexing back into a knife's grind.

Knife in question is a Masamoto KS. I have a few nice knives but my KS is the one I reach for more often than not. Got it back in 2014 along with a Kono HD (ended up keeping the KS after a few months trying both). I sharpen at home every few months, and have done light thinning a handful of times. Recently it started to wedge and stick at the shoulder of the bevel so (for the first time) I gave it some extra thinning on a 220 stone.

Stopped after about 20 minutes on each side. Results are good so far - thing moves through product much better, but stiction is noticeably worse, and it's not quite as thin as I want just yet. My guess is that I've flattened out the area behind the cutting edge and lost some of the original convexing on one side, and slight hollow grind on the other.

So my question - anyone recommend Korin, or another shop with a big grinding wheel, to bring some convexing back along with thinning? I'm not looking for a big home project on this one (as rewarding as I'm sure it would be) - just want the old cutter I remember from a few years ago. I'm located in SF and Bernal Cutlery only has the plate grinder when I asked about thinning while maintaining (or re-introducing) geometry.