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F/S Carter 4.1 sun SFGZ RH Funayuki

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Feb 28, 2011
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A mint condition Carter Fukugozai Funayuki with a black stabilized laminate riveted handle
. Blade is Blue Super, laminated in stainless steel, 4.1 sun, or 124mm (4.9").

It has been lightly used in a home environment for about three weeks, then polished to remove patina from the edge, oiled and stored. My reason for selling is that I have a slightly longer (5.0 sun) funayuki that I like better.

$115 includes insured shipping to CONUS address. If you're interested, PM me for payment methods.

This is a stock photo from Murray Carter's website:

Man with the Carter craze I thought people would be paying you more than your asking price.