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SOLD Fast Black Saeki

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Aug 29, 2018
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$250 spf

2038 g
235mm x 60mm wide x 65mm tall

Best medium coarse jnat I've used. About 1k-2k. About as fast as a good speed synthetic. Compared to cerax 1000, this dishes faster but cuts similar speed. A bit finer than the shapton pro . . . Arguably faster in my experience. It's a fast jnat, and really a fast stone, but not as fast as a coarse synth. Grit and stone matrix are perfect and extremely predictable and even AND fast. It does dish, not as fast as a softer red aoto or a cerax 320. So rare to have all these characteristics. The grit is so consistent and fast it feels like a synthetic stone. It feels a lot like my sigma 400 if it were a 1000 grit stone. I could probably flatten the bevel on my deba with this stone, the knife pictured

Saeki comes from the mine in Kyoto next to the aoto. This is a harder more rare black saeki. It's from the now closed Mori Whetstone in Kyoto.

@Pie compared to the softer aoto, this is a slight bit softer and coarser and faster. Basically the same stone at 1-2k grit. Both are same tier stones in quality. The knife has a convex bevel . . . I'll post pictures with my usual tester knife later when I get back. The stone cuts both iron and steel pretty well, no skidding. Hopefully the mud cloud can show how soft the stone is, but it's not a super soft stone at all. . . More medium hardness, tending softer. Not as hard as most synths. It's hard enough that you can glide and adjust pressure to make it cut faster or slower. It likes a lot of water and will cut fast as long as it's not dry. It saturates after awhile. I would use this as the start of a full jnat progression, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

More pictures later

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I feel like my bank account and marital status are being targeted.

In all seriousness this is very tempting.. rare bricks at this price are a steal! I appreciate the flag, you know what kind of stones I like.

Someone pick this up before I try to sneak it past my wife, refcast stones are not only mysterious but also amazing!

The stone is probably 25% faster and 15% softer and 25% coarser than the stone you have. Similar grit just coarser, so same level of control and that velvet fuzzy feel while sharpening, even though this is a coarser stone. So kinda natsuya or aizu feeling.
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After the sharpening, the polish settles a bit


Resulting ultra aggressive edge . . . The most aggressive at that grit range I've tried. So absolutely awesome viscious teeth

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Your aoto is a more well rounded stone and grit. This one is more coarse. . . But honestly even better for butchery, especially on fresher meat with stronger connective tissue