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Sep 21, 2023
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Used to build models as a kid. My father worked at NACA that became NASA when Russians sent up sputnik. Build models for windtunnels from 1939 retired beginnings of space shuttle.
Been watching utube on TV air aces, warplanes etc. Bought a few diecast, then model kits. Still had airbrush from painting surfboards in 1970's.
The torpedo plane Kate sank all the battleships at Pearl Harbor including the Arizona as Kate also used as dive bomber. Bomb went through deck into forward magazine. Right after Pearl Harbor they sank British battleship & crusier in South China sea. Battle of Coral Sea sank carrier Lexington, damaged the Yorktown.
At Battle of Midway US dive bombers destroyed 3 Japanese aircraft carriers with decks full of planes & stored bombs. Last Japanese carrier Launched a few Zero & Kates before it too was sunk. Kates put torpedos into the side of repaired Yortown she was listing badly & on fire US submarine finished her off. Kate was best torpedo plane at beginning of war Japanese also had better torpedos than Americans.

Two German Fighters BF 109 and Focke Wulf 190 both excellent fighters and buy large margins most Arial victories than any other fighters in all Aviation history. When excellent FW190 came out in 1942 Brits had to produce upgraded Spitfire to compete mark IX in background. The FW 190 had twin row radial BMW engines

The Grumman Corsair & F6F Hellcat were large fighters with Pratt & Whitney supercharged R-2800 twin row radial engine. Also P47 thunderbolt another large radial engine fighter had same engine.

WW1 monoplane first to have interupter gear to fire through propeller. It was a game changer. All these are 1/48 scale. Figures are same tiny only 3cm high must be hand painted with tiny brushes.



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The laminar flow wing for the P51 Mustang was developed at the NACA windtunnels. The shape of the wing allowed better lift, speed, & fuel efficiency. Shipped to England with Allison V12 engine. Testing convinced to try the latest Rolls Royce Merlin 61 with its two stage intercooler supercharger. Same engine in the Spitfire mark IX considered best Spitfire of WW2.
The V12 put out so much power P51 changed from 3 to four blade prop.
like the Spitfire. Mustang became one of best handling dogfighters even at high altitudes. With shellac coated paper drop tanks could follow the bombers to Berlin & back. It was a game changer.

Sorry just a WW2 fighter geek.
Nice I used to be really into them too, got a lot of Tamiya and trumpets, but current place doesn’t allow good ventilation.
I paint in the guest room upstairs. Good light & jealousie windows wide open so trades keep room cool. Janice's friend coming to visit so had to clean up all my stuff wash sheets curtains windows etc.
Love my modelling!
The wife and I have the spare bedroom set up as our “Art room” where we do linocut printing, Pyrography (wood burning), she paints and I plug away on my models.
Just finished an A-7E Corsair 2, currently working on a RAAF Huey helicopter 👍


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this post brings back good memories
I'd wanted to be a pilot growing up before I was handed a pair of goggles on account of my piss poor eyesight :upsidedownspin:
Always had a model of my two favorite airplanes: the SR-71 Blackbird and the A-10 Warthog
1/12 Porsche.


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