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Oct 3, 2022
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Hey all, my first real post here though I was a regular for awhile on the traditional folders section of Blade forums a few years back.

Last year I bought a set of decent kitchen knives, the Zwilling Pro 7 piece block set. I've added a couple and have room for a couple more and I'd like thoughts and suggestions for those. Currently have the 8" Chef, the 5 inch prep, the bread knife a serated utility knife, 3 inch paring knife, a 10 inch slicing/carving knife and I just added the steak knives. I use the Smith (lansky style) sharpening system but I'm open to a reasonably priced alternative that has some kind of angle guide.

I'd like to round out the set with others. I'd be fine with the Zwilling Pro but I'd also be OK with anything that wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. So at least a black handle and maybe steel pins. The block is fashioned for those angled bolsters but it doesn't seem to matter (the carving knife is the professional with straight bolster and sits fine).

I'm thinking of a Japanese style knife like a Nakiri or Santoku. I'd really like something that doesn't have the annoying property of the food sticking to the blade.

After that I'd have one more slot. I Don't know what I need there. Another Japanese blade? Boning knife? Bird"s beak peeling knife?

The Zwilling Pro nakiri and santoku are about $120 at my local knife place ($150 online) and I'd like to stay in that range. I'm even open to vintage knives, I have a super cool vintage zwilling meat fork.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
To me a 10-inch chef knife says it all. I use mine more than any other knife. A 9-inch would be a runner up. I think they handle better than an 8-inch chef knife.

I filet fish so I like Zwilling's boning knifes. I own 3 Zwilling boning knives. Most of my knives are Henckels 4 star knives. They are the same as Zwilling, old name. I also use it to trim brisket fat off before smoking a brisket or other pieces of meat.

I own these but they are not my style of cutting.
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What kinds of foods do you cook?

How big is your cutting-board?
What kinds of foods do you cook?

How big is your cutting-board?
I cook all the foods, meats, veggies. A lot of carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbage, I guess not a lot of big stuff and I have several slicing knives too big for my block so I'm probably not looking for anything sup. And I have several cutting boards from small to large, mostly plastic. I need to get or make a nice a nice end grain board.
If you are righty, then what do you think of this?
https://www.**************.com/katksa18.html (It's at Chef Knives To Go.)
I wonder how how a hammered finish would do with food sticking, does it go down far enough toward the edge to help. On that same site they have some like the

Yahiko VG-10 Tsuchime Damascus Nakiri 165mm​

How often are you in the kitchen? I have a full block set of Zwilling Pros (they were my gateway into a full-blown obsession with knives) and use them pretty regularly. Having a boning knife or a filet knife is nice to have if you're breaking down pieces of meat or preparing cuts for dinner. I'd also echo coxhaus and suggest getting a bigger chefs knife. They can feel clunky and awkward at first but are worth getting accustomed to.

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