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SOLD Flair Signature manual espresso machine

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Dec 27, 2021
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Had this one for over a year now, it is a great machine that can produce a excellent shot, the problem is I'm lazy in the morning and don't want to mess around with preheating, measuring and all the stuffs, I do mostly pour over now. If you love to experiment with espresso or want a travel kit this is great, it comes with traveling bag, thermal stickers, pressure gauge and of course its own little temper. It sell for $335 band new im willing to let it for $280. This is actually a flair signature, I messed up, original price is $250, now for $220
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Nice machine from what I read about it!
You may be better off posting this on Home Barista, where stuff like this goes like a TF in BST here ;-)
Agreed. Its not free to list but for specialist items like this probably the best place to sell as there is a captive audience. Reddit might be another option on one of their coffee focused subgroups.