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SOLD Halcyon 220 Gyuto Kasumi

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Bico Doce

Senior Member
Mar 30, 2020
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Hey KKF,

I would like to sell this HF I picked up from BST not too long ago. I really wanted to try out one of Joe's kasumi finished pieces and this one did not disappoint. At 220 it's a bit small for my taste and I was able to snag that 240 kasumi that dropped recently so I'm setting this one loose. I spent a bit of time bringing this knife back to it's original glory even though it was only lightly used, the patina was too aggressive for my taste and had a bit of rust in some places. Luckily I managed to remove all of it, aesthetically and functionally it is perfect, no lingering issues. I even shared with Joe the final polish pics and he was impressed with the details of the wrought iron. If you love to polish then this is the knife for you.

Asking $800 shipped in CONUS (international DM please)

Description: Halcyon Forge Gyuto
Size: 220 x 54 mm
Weight: 219 grams
Steel: 1.2519/Wrought Iron
Finish: Ku/stone finished bevel kasumi
Handle: Cocobolo/carbon fiber ferrule
Geometry: Middleweight. No wedging on dense veggies, smooth cutting feel, performance oriented
Condition: Refinished after acquired from BST. Removed patina and restored kasumi. Only used a few times by original owner, never sharpened but still has an edge to it.
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Here are some pics of the polish before hitting with some finger stones


And after…