Happy Birthday Unkajonet!

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Happy Bday! A fellow picies!
" I was born on the coldest day of the year//March 11th//and GOD already told me I ain't putting a foot up in heaven" Andre Nickatina

Hope you had a good one.

happy birthday E

the bottle of Don Julio is waiting until we hang out and celebrate
Happy Birthday, and what is Don Julio and why don"t I know it?

Thanks guys!

Stefan - you're kidding, right? Don Julio is a premium tequila. I think 3 varieties: reposado (Jon's), anejo (my cupboard), and I can't remember the other one. It's pretty durned good stuff.
Aahh, thanks, just not my usual poison (I'm more into single malts) but I don't run away from a good tequila either :) I think Tres Generaciones was my favorite so far, but I don't have that much experience with tequilas - well, besides drinking Olmeca gold by the bottle when I was around 19 :rolleyes:

I'm a Grey Goose guy, usually. A buddy gave me Don Julio for Xmas and I've been a fan ever since.