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How are the black hasagawa? I have a hasagawa brown PE and a yellow rubber one. Both readily stain. The PE destroys knife edges in short order. I have a black PE Tenryo that is much nicer but lacks the wood core of the hasagawa so it warps in hot water. I was hoping the black hasagawa fixed all these issues but I didn’t want to pickup another edge destroyer.
The black is just the brown but black

They need to make more sizes 😤😤
Ya know I got one of those guys thinking it would be the same as the "rubber" board and it seems to have a completely different surface? Much more like a typical poly board? Or am I crazy?
Black is brown but black

I might be interested anyway tbh. After years of use my hasegawas could use sanding. Especially the one that a coworker used a serrated knife on every day for about a week before I noticed
Surprisingly, hasegawa’s can take serrated, you just gotta be gentle. I was in the weeds one day, had to cut bread and just said fook it. But I use a Spare Pan Svord, and my cuts are as gentle as a fresh turd droppin’ from rear to water

At first, I thought that was a stone and @Chang just has really, really small hands.

Hit it with bleach or cleaning vinegar to kill the mold. Then a sander (orbital, belt, palm, won't matter for this--you can get these at junk stores or a cheapie for $20 in amazon). My guess wold be 120, but you'll want to experiment with grit to see what works best. Then wash it a hundred times to make sure the dust is off.

I worked in a kitchen back when where they had all the white bench boards in the whole kitchen re-surfaced. The guy just ran them through a big surface planer and took off 1/8". They came back like new. It was awesome.
I mean… I do have really really small hands. Yes, my erection does indeed measure 14 inches. I tend to get light headed every time I’m turned on.

*ahem* I think machine sanding boards only works on those poly boards. A couple summers ago, I tried it with our old asahi’s and it worked somewhat but it destroyed the sander.

Oh. Thanks for pointing that out. Since he doesn’t seem to be too fond of it I’m open to buying it off him.

If ya really really want it, I’ll send it to ya if ya pay shipping
I had a cheaper variation from some generic brand or another of that kind of board that basically fast-forwarded your obviously much more belated feature. That's when I realized, I'd never seen that **** happen with a quality wood board, and if it had to happen, I'd be much more straightforward about the procedure: sand it down, and if that can't be done, it sure can feed a fire nicely and find some frustration outlet there. It's just that with wood, I figure that frustration is like 5 generations after my own kids.
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Y’all got tips on refinishing hasegawa’s? Or even just cleaning up this god forsaken mold?

And I’ma say it now to clear the air, the pink eraser Hasegawa sells is absolute basura. Me thinks sandpaper and a wooden block works the same, if not better.
Yikes- when it gets to this point, time to bust out the pressure washer. Make sure you your fan have a fan nozzle on it, and approach carefully based on the power of your machine, but they really hold up, and it cleans them quickly.