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Canada's Sharpest Lefty
Mar 31, 2011
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Great news everyone!
I have been talking with Thomas Haslinger - for the past week or so, and he is willing to supply one of his new chef's knives for a pass around, in late May!
I will be running it, on his behalf (he's a fellow Canadian and we stick together).
This will be an excellent opportunity for our community to try out another custom maker's knives to see a different example of beautiful work, much like Pierre Rodrigue (my buddy), Devin Thomas and Delbert Ealy have all become known for!
I noticed that many people know of his work, but have never tried one of his knives.
If anyone is interested in taking part, let me know on this thread. The number will be 10-15 maximum for participants.
All skill levels and both home cooks and pros are welcome to have a go with the knife.
We would prefer members who are known here, or at the other forums, but feel free to let me know if you're interested either way.
I will post more details soon!
I would be very interested in participating in the pass around, home cook.
I am in, I have wanted to try one of his knives for years, but hesitated without being able to see it in person.

A 10" Chef would be the one I am interested in.
Thomas is on his way to Germany, so I won't know the length, etc for sure until he gets back into contact with me (it can be hard to find a reliable Internet source, while traveling around...not to mention, he'll be busy).
I am hoping for a 10" chef, but it will depend on what he feels comfortable lending out. It looks like it will be, but I don't want to make any promises. :)
Once I get more details, I'll post the rules, etc and I'll figure out a route that works best. The rules will basically be the same as always...
If you're in Canada, you'll be one of the first, so we can make shipping a bit easier on everyone. Finally, an advantage to being Canadian! :p
I would love to try it out. I have only contributed to him in that I think he made one of the most aesthetically unpleasing knives of all time, and I would love to eat my words. From the looks of his catalog, he is quite a busy and talented man.

Maybe we can get one in his differentially heat-treated stainless?:evilgrin:
I strongly believe we should do it based on order of sign up... obviously :wink:
I am totally interesting in a Haslinger passaround. I have oogled at his knives for years now but have been hesitant to buy due to lack of info floating around about them. I'm sure he (like other makers) has only been getting better with time. I would love to participate in a passaround.

I could give it a run at the sushi bar and see how it performs...

If there is room I would love to get in on this.

I'd like to try it out as well. thanks, spinblue
I feel morally obligated to take advantage of anything that benefits me in the world of knives by being Canadian. It would be such a pleasure to get a knife in the mail without a $50+ duty bill.
Wildboar...you just made me think of something...
And, yes. Home cooks are more than welcome.
Could everyone on this list pm me your location (city and state are all for now), and whether you're a pro or a home cook?
I would also like just a little history (member at ___ forum for ____ amount of time).
Sorry, but this is a $500 knife we're talking about!
Thanks guys!
Lefty....buddy....don't forget your boy from across the way!
Well I'm new to doing pass arounds and not sure what you guys have as far as criteria but I'm willing to give it a shot. Please keep me up to date.
This sign up is CLOSED!
that went fast...talk about a nice turn out!
I'm being 100% serious, if anybody here wants to take part and lives in Windsor, Ont, you're included!
I need to get my boy Caddy in on this and we will save HUGE potential headaches at customs if someone happens to meet up in Detroit or Windsor!
I'll get back to everyone soon, just to verify whether or not you're in! Don't worry, I'm a pretty nice guy :) , but as I said before, this is an awful lot of trust on the part of Thomas, so we need to make sure this all goes smoothly.
If you haven't sent me your info on pm, I need it soon so I can figure out routing, etc.
Thanks for the turn out everyone!

I got the measurements from Thomas via email. These are approximate, because the knife isn't finished yet.
The blade is 8" (in my experience, it might be a good thing for shipping reasons, even though most were hoping for 10")
OAL is 13"
Thickness is 0.09" or 2.3mm (at the thickest point)

Here is a representative picture, as the knife we will be getting is an updated version of his "New Generation" line.


You can get a better feel for his knives at www.haslinger-culinary.com, if you want to take a closer look.
What's the word on this one? Close to done, perhaps? :jumpy:

I'm pretty excited to check this out, his work is very distinctive.
Dunno how I missed this thread first time around. Always liked the looks of Haslingers. Didn't know why they werent more popular. Hopefully this will be good for him and get him some fans in our crowd. Looking forward to hearing how this goes.
i'm interested! why didn't i check this thread sooner? oh well. :)
Hey guys!
No word as of yet...
I'll send him another email today to let see if it's still a go.
Just spoke with Thomas and the knife is DONE! He's sending it to me on Thursday. I'll post the order in the next day or two (it will be A LOT like the Pierre one). If anyone has changed their minds about joining in, let me know so we can make substitutions where we can.
Thanks guys!