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SOLD Hatsukokoro Inazuma Blue Super 240 Gyuto

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Apr 24, 2020
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Steel: Aogami Super
Length: 240mm
Height: 51.5mm
Weight: 190g
Spine Width: 3.6mm @ handle, 2.5 @ heel, 2.0 mid, 1.2mm 1cm from tip
Handle: stabilized something cool

$290 CONUS

Somewhat recently bought from homebutcher and didn't jive with me. It pains me to sell since it’s really, really pretty. In great condition, but not brand new. One full progression sharpening, visible from video and slight patina. Felt good on the stones, sharpened up nice and quick. Rarely used. Cladding is NOT stainless (correction) has nice organicness to it. The handle is a custom- PIE stabilized burl of something. Thin choil, but not fragile. Feels almost midweight. Pretty thang like this needs a good home.




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The cladding on these are NOT stainless. I bought the petty, bunka, and gyuto thinking they were stainless clad (a few websites listed them as stainless clad but this is not true) and I ended up selling mine because I wanted stainless clad. Cost me a lot of money. They are great knives, ultra sharp and really cool looking if you don't care about patina.
I will take this. Looks interesting.
I will send PM.