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Mar 1, 2011
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Howdy all,

When it comes to sharpenability (as well as edge retention), how does these stemi-stainless compare vs. master hattori's "special-heat-treat" VG10? I know that VG10 is often viewed as somewhat of a ?boring? metal nowadays, but is there any truth to people's claims that I found when I looked in archives? Or maybe everyone was just pumping/hyping the attributes of the knife at that time because they were excited, and in reality it was no better/worse than any other VG10?

Gee, if only we knew someone who's sharpened a ridiculous amount of knives who could lend us his impressions about the FH's VG10 and other semi-stainless knives ...

Yes, I do realize that you could buy two CNs for one FH, but maybe it'd be like an FH vs. a re-handled CN?
Oh!! Everyone's post count starts over cuz it's a new forum!! That makes me excited because for a week or so, it'll seem like I post as often as everyone else!
I have the 240 FH and a 270 Carbonext. I am not a knife expert by any means, but from my personal and limited experiance the carbonext gets sharper and last slightly longer than the FH. Plus with the new bad A prickly pear handle I just put on my carbonext it makes it that much more fun to use.
I don't have any experience with the carbonext, however I am a big fan of the FH. It is easy to sharpen and edge retention is more than adequate for my home kitchen. I haven't tried the carbonext yet, because I would end up getting it re-handled. I don't dig the generic handle and the micarta handle on the FH is perfect.
another question. let's say you were sharing the knife with a special lady who you can't really count on wiping the knife down and keeping it dry until after she is done cooking - could a CN stand up to that kind of lack of TLC, or is the FH just the safer bet because it's more stain-less?
Everyone needs a little training. If you end up getting hooked on j knives (which you will, this will not be your last purchase), she is going to have to learn at some point. Good luck, but I think the carbo next wil be fine, mine did not react that much to being left with water in terms of rusting, but rather a dull uneven matte finish as a result of exposure to acidic food.
I think everyone should ask Koki to get a wa carbo-next. Peer pressure!
-I'm- already hooked ... I just need that special gateway knife to get her hooked, too (mine was a 240 Suisin Honyaki Wa- ... I've moved on, but she'll always hold a special place in my heart). Getting the wife on board is trickier, because it's not just about cutting food anymore. It's also about how the knife looks, how the knife balances, and how easy it is for me to sharpen it so that it can always seem like it's in tip-top shape.
I have had both the TKC (assuming it is the same steel as the carbonext) and the FH. I like the steel better on the TKC because it can handle a very acute angle. I don't know what the grind on the carbonext is, but the TKC was very thin and had thin shoulders, giving me the ability to have a very wide bevel on knife. I mainly sharpen about 90/10, and about 10degrees on the front bevel.

The FH was easier to sharpen, and there is more feel with the steel on the stones. I knew when I raised a burr. The inital sharpness was great, surgical, but that initial sharpness did not last too long. Maybe it was my sharpening and using such an accute angle. We are really splitting hairs here, and as a home cook, it really did not matter. It stayed sharp but really not as sharp when it was fresh. Maybe I could stroped it to keep it that way. I really loved cutting carrots with a freshly sharpened FH.

Anyway, the TKC stayed sharper longer. Maybe the inital sharpness was not as good as the FH. Again, probably my sharpening. I actually like the blade profile of the TKC more, and really, that was why I kept it and sold the FH.