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WTS Heavy hitters from Sakai: Y. Tanaka blue 1 260 gyuto + Morimoto 200 nakiri

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Mar 16, 2020
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Osaka, Japan

Part two of my little sale, this time with knives from Sakai that are made by certified traditional craftsmen.

Update: The Tanka is sold!
First, a custom Yoshikazu Tanaka blue 1 damascus 260mm gyuto with a Siamese Rosewood handle made by Joebone. Original listing is here: SOLD - Custom Yoshikazu Tanaka B1 Damascus
The review by ModRQC on the white 1 version is very accurate for this knife, too (Review: Kawamura/Y. Tanaka Gyuto). More of a workhorse kind of knife, with a nice taper and a thin nose. Feels quite nimble despite the size, very well executed grind by Shotaro Nomura. And of course there's the stunning handle. Outstanding knife that I'm only considering selling because I fell in love with cleavers. Used for maybe 10 dinners, touched it up twice I think. Comes in original box.
Specs are as follows:
245mm x 54 mm x 3.9 mm (at handle), 221.5 g.

It originally sold for 615$ (+ shipping + customs), would like to sell it for 580$ 550$ (including standard international shipping; if located in EU, it will be around 15$ cheaper since I'm gonna send the knives from EU). sold!

Second, a Morimoto Hamono white steel 200mm Nakiri. Made by Kouichi Morimoto (光一作), it is larger than the nakiris that are usually made in Sakai. Nice wide bevels so it cuts well but is also very easy to sharpen. The kurouchi is nice and smooth, and overall the f&f of the knife is very nice considering the cheap price. Only the handle is obviously very cheap. Could also be a nice project knife for thinning/sharpening, but I feel like it's almost too nice for that. It came without a usable edge so I sharpened it and then used it only for a few test cuts. I just prefer cleavers.

Specs are:
185mm x 58 mm x 3.1 mm (at handle), 221 g.

Bought from the maker and the original price is 11700 Yen. Would like to sell it for 100$ 90$ (including standard international shipping; will make it 80$ for EU).


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I really love my Tanaka wide bevel, such a great knife. GLWS
Price drop, shipping included now. Don’t think I’ll go below this price but just keep it. Also removed the patina, looking like new again.


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