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Feb 28, 2011
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This is a quick pic taken from a SmartPhone, which does strange things with the focus and the colors. I've got a better one that I'll upload shortly.

The lineup, left to right:

Hiromoto AS 240mm. with Dave Martell handle in quilted maple
Henckels Cermax 8 inch chef's knife
Global G-18 240mm. fillet knife
Shun Classic 3.5 inch parer
Henckels 7 inch serrated bread knife

All of the knives are sitting on a maple 12 x 18 board from the Boardsmith.

I have to say that while I could imagine upgrading any of these bar the Hiromoto if I had unlimited resources, they get the job done. Would like either a yanagi or sujihiki to relegate the Global to a specialized fish fillet knife, as the flex in the blade makes it less than ideal as a slicer.

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