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SOLD Heldqvist 280 Gyuto

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Bico Doce

aka Big Dice / Bocce Ballz / Big Douche
Mar 30, 2020
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Hey KKF,

I have a few other things listed that haven't sold yet so I am bringing out the big guns to generate some much needed cash. I acquired this beauty in trade early 2023. It is a beast that ghosts thru food, no wedging, good food release. Hate to see it go but I need the funds. If you like them big then this is for you.

Had it rehandled by @birdsfan but I will include the original handle as well.

Asking $975 shipped conus (current price is $850)

Description: Heldqvist Gyuto
Notes: Spine is 8 mm thick at the handle
Original handle included
Size: 285 x 60 mm
Spine at heel: 5 mm
Weight: 333 grams
Steel: 1.2519/wrough iron clad
Finish: Nashiji/stone finished bevel kasumi
Handle: Wa oval spalted tamarind
Geometry: Convex, righty bias
Condition: Never sharpened
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Cleaned up the patina a bit and gave it a quick refresh on the kasumi. There is a lot of detail is this wrought iron that is waiting to be brought out

Handle also has a lot of detail.

Curious about what to do to get this thing moving. Should I lower the price or refinish the kasumi and bring out the detail on that dirty wrought iron?
Dropping the price for all those who missed out on that Milan 270 from eatingtools today.

$900 shipped conus

I’ve been around long enough to know this means you’re probably the one who bought it. 🤣
That's a smart guess but sadly it wasn't me. I'm still trying to balance the books after my tax bill
That's a smart guess but sadly it wasn't me. I'm still trying to balance the books after my tax bill
I feel you man. Our local jurisdiction messed up bond collection for a multi-year period. But not to worry they say, they're just going to charge a full double starting this year to make up for it and balloon the escrow account charges by thousands.

This looks amazing with your last round of cleanup.

Someone help this man pay the tax man!